Поставщик ветеринарных медицинских решений

WMV 640 Animal Scales


  1. Stainless steel waterproof platform, ABS base for anti-corrosion. 

  2. Hiden handle for easy carrying. Hiden roon to storage the model and wire.

  3. Four adjustable feet for different ground surface.

  4. Big LCD display with blue (or white) backlight.

  5. Multi-capacity and division, so the scale can work as different capacity scales.

  6. 3 weight unit conversion function.Supper-long cable for easy reading

  7. Tare function, overload and low power indication, Auto power off function.

Поделение мнений:


WMV 640 Animal Scales


Platform size: 520*420*25mm 


Capacity:6 capacity for choose 150kg/0.05 

or 250kg/0.1kg or 60kg/0.02kg or 120kg/0.05kg 

or 250kg/0.1kg or 100kg/0.01kg

WMV 640 Animal Scales


Platform size: 520*420*25mm NW:3.4KG Capacity:5 capacity for choose 100kg/0.01 or 120kg/0.05kg or 150kg/0.05kg or 200kg/0.1kg or250kg/0.1kg

WMV 640 Animal Scales


Platform size: 1140*520*5cm NW:3.4KG Capacity:6 capacity for choose 100kg/0.01 or 150kg/0.05kg or 200kg/0.1kg or 300kg/0.1kg or 500kg/0.1kg

WMV 640 Animal Scales


Features: 1.4 Satisfactory design multi-point sensor digital display, pound. Standard, oversized plane, large dog weighing more convenient. 2. Ultra-thin design, table surface drawing more beautiful. 3. Display intelligence weight, pet weighing more flexible. 4. The use of high-quality 304 stainless steel material production, weighing range of 0-150 kg, to meet the weighing needs of large dogs. Size: 1200*600*65mm

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